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Eyes on Wayuu

Wayuu is a native South American group from the La Guajira desert in Colombia and Venezuela. These Wayuu handicrafts are 100% handmade (using different weaving techniques) by the Wayuu Indigenous people.

Wayuu Mochilas are made by single or double thread weaving techniques and none are ever exactly the same, as each mochila is hand woven by only one Wayuu Indigenous person at one time.

Traditionally, Wayuu Indigenous people only weave using single thread which takes one Wayuu Indigenous person between 30-40 days to weave the mochila.

Double thread Mochilas take less time to produce then single thread mochilas, thus are more affordable yet still unique and beautiful.

By purchasing a genuine Wayuu product, you are supporting the longevity of an art and culture of the Wayuu people.


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